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Sam Moyer, "Cherry Blossom on Half Eaten Bun" - 2017

Sam Moyer - "Ferns Teeth" at the Parrish Art Museum

NY | Water Mill

Date & Time


Sunday, June 30, 2024 - 10:00 AM


Sunday, September 29, 2024 - 05:00 PM



279 Montauk Hwy, Water Mill, NY 11976


The Parrish Art Museum is delighted to unveil Sam Moyer - "Ferns Teeth," a captivating solo exhibition that delves into the artist's distinctive approach to material and light. On view from June 30th to September 29th, the exhibition unfolds across three meticulously curated galleries, each focusing on a specific material relationship and showcasing the breadth of Moyer's artistic processes and oeuvre.

Coinciding with the release of her first comprehensive monograph, Moyer has crafted a large-scale stone painting that seamlessly integrates with the architectural elements of one gallery, while another space features sculptural photographs whose compositions are inspired by the unique landscape of Eastern Long Island. A third gallery presents a collection of smaller, more representational wall works. In line with Moyer's signature style of creating an immersive, tactile experience for visitors, two of the galleries are furnished with hand-crafted marble benches, and the Museum's lobby invites guests to engage in friendly competition on hand-cast concrete backgammon boards.

Over the past decade, Moyer has cultivated a singular language of abstraction that explores notions of value, labor, and beauty. Her artistic journey has evolved to encompass formal and theoretical investigations into the very nature of painting, blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture. By juxtaposing fragments of reclaimed stone with meticulously hand-painted canvas, Moyer transforms the painted surface into a sculptural realm, giving rise to dynamic compositions that exude beauty, wit, balance, and serendipity.


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